County Candidate Debate

Morris County residents deserve an opportunity to hear from all candidates seeking an office that controls $300 million+ of our tax dollars! Our Democratic candidates TC McCourt, Judy Hernandez and Alicia Sharma have accepted an invitation from the League of Women Voters to participate in a forum. They are waiting to hear if the Republican contenders will agree to participate. 

At their July 27 meeting, the County Commissioners ignored 2 hours of testimony from Moms Demand Action, Democratic elected officials, leaders and candidates, concerned, angry residents and even a child!  — all asking them to withdraw two outrageous Resolutions that do nothing but foment divisiveness and appeal to the far right-wing. 

In May, Moms Demand Action asked the Commissioners to pass a Proclamation recognizing June 3 as Gun Violence Awareness Day. Instead of adopting what had been submitted, the Commissioner’s adopted a Resolution focused on “gang plagued urban centers” and “rioting and unrest that has been allowed to unfold…” It also repeated the falsehood that individuals with mental health challenges are prone to violence, reinforcing stigma.

At the same meeting, they passed Resolution 2022-660. It demanded the repeal of the new state curriculum in health and physical ed., deeming it “controversial.” It also called for the establishment of a Parents’ Bill of Rights, allowing students to opt out of subjects and parents to jump into the role of administration and educators. 

We need Commissioners who will listen to all residents of Morris County with open minds!

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