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MCDC Resolutions

These are the resolutions being considered for our vote this Sunday, February 28, 2021.

1. Gender-neutral county committee positions

The Morris County Democratic Committee is currently made up of one male and one female representative for each election district. This resolution will change the county committee to two gender-neutral positions per voting district for the term from 2021-2023 and for each two year term after that. If this resolution passes, petitions due on April 5th for all Democratic county committee seats in Morris County will reflect this change.

2. Zero-Tolerance Policy

The Morris County Democratic Committee Anti-Harassment Policy is based on a model policy provided by the NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and is in compliance with legislation currently under consideration in the NJ Legislature. It will apply to all individuals working or volunteering with or for MCDC, and to any interactions between covered individuals. The policy prohibits harassment, including sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, and retaliation. It also encourages bystanders to intervene. The policy lays out two processes for reporting harassment: an informal complaint resolution process and a formal harassment complaint process. Both processes will maintain the confidentiality of a covered individual’s disclosure regarding harassment or discrimination to the extent allowed by law, unless doing so would constitute a threat of  physical harm to any person and/or jeopardize safety within the workplace.

A copy of the policy in its entirety can be downloaded below. The document is available in docx and pdf formats.

The MCDC Zero Tolerance Policy:

For more information contact: Leslye Moya

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