Morris Dems Join Vigil Commemorating January 6th Insurrection

The Morris County Democrats are committed to promoting voting legislation that can safeguard our democracy while condemning the actions of elected officials who sought to betray our nation on January 6th.

On January 6, a faction of elected officials turned their backs on America by inciting armed militants to attack our Capitol and then tried to block an investigation to cover up their role in this deadly violence.

The attacks are incessant and one year later the same faction that attacked our country on January 6th are working to restrict our freedom to vote, attack fair voting districts, and prepare for future attempts to sabotage free and fair elections.

Evidence is showing that some elected officials aided in planning January 6th – the same elected officials who are continually spreading lies about the 2020 election to keep their supporters engaged and enraged.

The important investigative work of the January 6th Select Committee must continue so that our elected officials and the public understand what really happened on January 6th and prevent future attacks on the peaceful transfer of power.

Coming together, we can prevent another January 6th attack and realize the promise of democracy for all of us – no matter our race, culture, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, mental and physical ability, age, marital status, family structure, citizenship status, sexual orientation, sexual expression or identity, economic status, veteran’s status, zip code, income, the intersectionality of all or any of the aforementioned identities, and any other protected class in conformance with federal, state, and local laws – so we all have an equal say in the decisions that shape our daily lives and futures.

January 6, 2022, the national day of activism will bring together local coalition partners to raise awareness and create energy around protecting our democracy, and condemning the actions of anti-democratic militants.

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