In Memoriam: Lorraine Sola

With deep sadness, we share news that the fierce, funny and unforgettable Lorraine Sola passed away on July 23. Lorraine served as a Parsippany County Committeewoman; the Municipal Committee’s Secretary; and was a longtime volunteer and activist. 

Her bright spirit was beautifully summed up by dear friends on the Parsippany
Democratic Committee: “Few cared for others the way that Lorraine did. She was
always looking out for others, defending freedom and equal rights for all, especially women. Her long-term activism and commitment made her a dependable and beloved centerpiece of Democratic politics in Morris County. She was a favorite of Governor Murphy and Congressmember Sherrill.”

Lorraine SOLA, 1943 – 2022

“Lorraine was a wonderful volunteer and leader for the Parsippany Democrats,” said Morris County Chair Amalia Duarte. “Her enthusiasm was contagious! I am deeply saddened by her passing. On behalf of the County Committee, I am sending condolences to her family, friends and all who loved Lorraine and will cherish her memory in their hearts.”

Parsippany Municipal Chair Matt Clarkin said, “I’ve known Lorraine for the entirety of my adult life, and was always inspired by her boundless energy. She rarely slowed down. She shared her opinions openly. And she fiercely loved her family. That her loss has hit so many so hard is a testament to the way Lorraine lived her life – in service to others.”

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