Statement from the Morris County Democrats on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Like any good American, we stand with the people of Ukraine as they fight on the frontline of the global struggle against authoritarianism.  We stand in solidarity with Ukraine because their struggle is not so different from our own.

As we fight to preserve our democracy here at home, we do so knowing that we share a common bond with those around the world who believe in the self-determination of a free people.

We support sanctions against Russia for their reckless attack on a fellow democracy, and we know that the best way we can personally impact the course of events is to keep the faith and protect the American republic, to uphold democratic values at home and abroad.

In these dark times remember this: ever since the first democracy in Athens there were those that sought to destroy it. Whether it was Spartan oligarchs, British monarchs, European dictators, and yes, even American special interests.

Through it all, the free peoples of the world were able to keep alive the spirit of democracy. We remember these struggles from the past as we take our place in today’s fight against authoritarianism at home and abroad.

In solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who fight for their very existence, we promise to do what we can to maintain our Republic in the hope that they too will prevail.

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