Open Municipal Races

Make a difference in your town

The towns and races below had no Democrats file to run for office. That means that in these towns, voters will not have a choice on their ballots in the general election regarding who will represent them.

Those who would like to give their town a choice only need a small number of Democratic Voters to write their names in the June 4th Democratic primary to appear on the November ballot.

For questions or help with running a write-in campaign, contact

MUNICIPALITY No Dem Candidates Votes Needed
Butler Borough 2 Council 25
Chester Borough 2 Council 4
Chester Township 2 Council 25
East Hanover Township 1 Council 25
Florham Park Borough 1 Council 25
Hanover Township 1 Mayor 50
Harding Township 1 Mayor and 1 Committee 6
Kinnelon Borough 2 Council 25
Lincoln Park Borough Ward 1 1 Council 3
Lincoln Park Borough Ward 2 1 Council 4
Long Hill Township 2 Committee 25
Mt. Arlington Borough 2 Council 11
Pequannock Township 1 Council 50
Riverdale Borough 2 Council 5
Rockaway Borough 2 Council 10
Washington Township 1 Committee 50
Wharton Borough 2 Council 25