Morristown Town

The town of Morristown is one of 39 Morris County Municipalities.

About the Local Democratic Party

“Morristown’s Democratic Committee is committed to Morristown progress and accountable government. Our agenda for Morristown is: honest & accountable government, protecting civil rights and liberties, and a strong economic growth.”


Name: Nathan Umbriac
Phone: (732) 841-9783
Party Website:

Municipal Party Officers

Nathan Umbriac, Chair
Mayor Tim Dougherty, Vice Chair
Will Nynas, Recording Secretary
Rosary Lescohier, Communications Secretary
David Cochran, Treasurer

Current Democratic Incumbents

Mayor: Timothy Dougherty
Council (Ward 2): Tina Lindsey
Council (Ward 3): Steve Pylypchuk
Council (Ward 4): Chris Russo
Council (At Large): Nathan Umbriac
Council (At Large): David Silva
Council (At Large): Toshiba Foster

New Jersey’s 25th Legislative District (LD25)

New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District (CD11)