Morristown Town

Morris County Municipalities

About The Party

“Morristown’s Democratic Committee is committed to Morristown progress and accountable government. Our agenda for Morristown is: honest & accountable government, protecting civil rights and liberties, and a strong economic growth.” – from

Contact The Party

Name: Nathan Umbriac
Phone: (732) 841-9783
Party Website:

Democratic Municipal Party Officers

Nathan Umbriac, Chair
Mayor Tim Dougherty, Vice Chair
Maureen Denman, Treasurer
Will Nynas, Recording Secretary
Rosary Lescohier, Communications Secretary

Democratic Candidates 2023

Council Ward 3: Robert (RJ) Bell and Steve Pylypchuk
Council Ward 4: Sandi Mayer and Chris Russo

Current Democratic Incumbents

Mayor: Timothy Dougherty
Council: Stefan Armington
Council: Tawanna Cotten
Council: Sandi Mayer
Council: Nathan Umbriac
Council: David Silva
Council: Toshiba Foster