Chatham Township

Chatham Township is one of 39 Morris County Municipalities.

About the Local Democratic Party

“We believe public officials should be held to the highest standards of integrity and accountability. The Chatham Democrats believe that government should always strive to increase public participation and improve government structures, rules, and norms to best serve the interests of all Chatham residents. Our local public officials should act in a manner that represents our community and demonstrates respect and the core values of all the residents of the Chathams.” –


Name: Phil Ankel


Municipal Democratic Party Officers

Municipal Chair: Phil Ankel
Municipal Vice Chair: Christina Mott
Municipal Treasurer: Pam Polemeni

2023 Municipal Democratic Candidates

Committee: Jennifer Rowland
Committee: Martin McHugh

2023 State Legislative Candidates (LD21)

LD21 represents Chatham Borough, Chatham Township, and Long Hill in Morris County.

Learn more about our LD 21 candidate:

Matt Marino

Candidate for New Jersey State Senator, LD21

2023 Morris County Candidates

Candidate for Morris County Commissioner

Jonathan Sackett

Jonathan Sackett

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Jonathan Sackett 2023 Candidate InformationCounty Office: Board of County Commissioners About Jonathan Sackett If elected commissioner, I will take seriously my role to serve constituents and the issues they care about like the affordable housing shortage, improving public transportation, small businesses and economic development, driving down costs for municipalities, and preserving our parks and open…
Learn more about Jonathan Sackett Jonathan Sackett

Candidate for Morris County Clerk

Carrie O'Brien

Caroline O’Brien

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2023 Candidate InformationCounty Office: County Clerk Caroline O’Brien Candidate for Morris County Clerk Montville’s own Caroline O’Brien is embarking on a campaign to become the next Morris County Clerk. O’Brien offers a new viewpoint that reflects the evolving thoughts and needs of the rising generation in Morris County. An alumnus of Southern Oregon University, she…
Learn more about Caroline O'Brien Caroline O’Brien