Chatham Borough

Morris County Municipalities

About The Party

“The Democratic Club of the Chathams believes in the general welfare and common good for every citizen of the Chathams, and strives to constantly provide opportunities for civil discourse and civic engagement. We focus on equity, opportunity, sustainability, and justice. We support Democratic values, voter empowerment, and a culture that fosters strong political engagement.” –

Contact The Party

Name: Patricia Soteropoulos
Party Website:
Twitter: https://chathamtwpdems

Democratic Municipal Party Officers

Municipal Chair: Patricia Soteropoulos
Municipal Vice Chair: Nick Eck

Democratic Candidates 2023

Mayor: Carolyn Dempsey
Council: Brian Hargrove
Council: Justin Strickland

Current Democratic Incumbents

Council: Jocelyn Mathiasen
Council: Carolyn Dempsey