Boonton Town

The town of Boonton is one of 39 Morris County Municipalities.

About the Local Democratic Party

“We strive to promote the principles of the national Democratic Party here in Boonton and seek to identify and support candidates for public office whose ideals are in line with ours and who are truly invested in the community.”



Name: Lindsay Weisman
Phone: (973) 306-4685
Party Website:

Municipal Party Officers

Municipal Chair: Lindsey Weisman
Municipal Vice Chair: Ben Weisman 

Current Democratic Incumbents

Mayor: Richard Corcoran III
Council At-Large: Edina Michel
Council Ward 2: Marie DeVenezia
Council Ward 4: Benjamin Weisman

2023 Municipal Democratic Candidates

Mayor: Marie DeVenezia
Council Ward 1: John Holly
Council Ward 2: Crystal Davis
Council Ward 3: Lauren Mills
Council Ward 4: Sheila Donovan

New Jersey’s 26th Legislative District (LD26)

New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District (CD11)