Elected Officials Caucus

Morris County Democratic Committee Elected Officials Caucus

The goal of the Morris County Elected Democratic Caucus is to break down barriers across municipalities that hinder collaboration on common challenges. The group meets on a regular basis to share ideas, best practices and provide updates about their towns. The Caucus seeks to find areas of commonality and to bring good ideas back to their respective communities.

Members of the Elected Officials Caucus in 2021.
Members of the Elected Officials Caucus in 2021.

The Caucus also actively supports the local Democratic municipal committees with expertise and knowledge gained from running for public office and serving. The Caucus believes it is important to have Democrats seeking office at the local level for every seat, every year in every Morris County town! This will energize Democratic voters; build a bench of strong candidates for higher office; and shore up the foundation for our state Democratic Party. The Caucus is eager to help Democratic candidates run and win!

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Interested in running for office?

Anyone interested in running for public office in Morris County is encouraged to contact the Chair Mendham Township Committeeewoman Amalia Duarte at: duarte4mendham@gmail.com.