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2023 Morristown Council Candidate Steve Pylypchuk

Steven Pylypchuk

2023 Candidate Information
Municipality: Morristown
Office: Town Council

Candidate Bio

Steve Pylypchuk is a respected civil engineer, a devoted husband and father, and a proud resident of the 3rd Ward. Steve grew up in Essex County and attended Stevens Institute of Technology earning a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Science in Management. After graduating, he chose to move to Morristown in 2009 to take advantage of the vibrant neighborhoods and town-life. Here, he met his wife, Sieglinde.

Steve and Siegi knew that Morristown was where they wanted to put down roots and start their family. After getting married, they moved into the Alexander Hamilton neighborhood.

Steve has over 15 years of experience as a civil engineer specializing in large, complex, transportation infrastructure projects. He knows how to bring all parties to the table, identify the challenges facing a particular project, and work through them systematically until all stakeholders achieve their objective – all while juggling budgets, strict timelines, and the needs of his clients and of the citizens who will be impacted by the final design.

Steve dedicates himself to serving his community through various volunteer efforts, in addition to his professional experience as a civil engineer. His work as a member of the Morristown Environmental Commission allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing the town and the impact they have on the environment. As Chairman of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, Steve has a comprehensive understanding of the town’s zoning regulations and the importance of balancing the needs of residents with the need for development.

During the start of the pandemic in 2020, Siegi heeded the call of the Morristown Medical Center for supplies and began making fabric masks following their instructions. Soon after, a group of neighbors came together to form the Alexander Hamilton Mask Makers, with the goal of providing masks to those in need during the early days of the pandemic. While Steve’s sewing abilities were limited, his expertise as a project manager allowed him to establish an efficient “order fulfillment” system for the group. In just a matter of months, the Alexander Hamilton Mask Makers had produced and distributed over 5000 masks to individuals and organizations within the Morristown area, helping to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. This experience further solidified Steve’s commitment to the Morristown community and his ability to work collaboratively to find solutions to community challenges.

Steve has also volunteered with Fosterfields Living Historical Farm, helping to restore antique farm equipment to bring it back to usable condition for use on the farm. Through his volunteer work, Steve has developed a passion for preserving Morristown’s rich history and ensuring that its legacy is carried forward for future generations.

Overall, Steve’s professional and volunteer experiences have equipped him with a thorough understanding of the issues facing the Morristown community, the importance of collaboration, and a strong commitment to finding innovative solutions.

Steve is running for Town Councilman for the 3rd Ward because he wants to help ensure that Morristown continues to be the vibrant, energetic town that originally attracted him when he was a young professional, the family-friendly community that he, his wife, and two daughters enjoy today, and a place that serves the needs of all its residents – today and in the future.

As Town Councilman, Steve will work tirelessly to ensure that our parks and ponds are accessible, safe, and well-maintained, and that solutions to the traffic and congestion issues are identified and implemented. He is committed to transparency and will ensure that residents know and understand where our tax dollars are being spent. Additionally, Steve recognizes the need for an updated, user-friendly town website that represents the forward-thinking community that Morristown is.

Steve would be a Councilman who will work with you to ensure that Morristown is the community that you desire and feel is home. Steve has the experience, passion, and drive to be an effective Councilman – pushing for modern, adaptable solutions for a community that feels like home to everyone.

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