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2023 Montville Township Committee Candidate Shari Seffer

Shari Seffer

2023 Candidate Information
Municipality: Montville Township
Office: Township Committee

Candidate Bio

Shari Seffer has been a resident of Montville Township for 28 years.   She is an attorney who practiced law in real estate and mortgages for 36 years.  Shari has been an active member of her condominium association in town, working on several committees along with the Executive Board. She, along with her grandparents and parents, owned and operated a well-respected children’s sleep away summer camp for 53 years.   Running such an operation develops knowledge in running a small city; from construction, to food service, hiring and training employees, sports, etc.   Shari also helped create the EatLocalMontvilleNJ Facebook page to help neighbors and small businesses survive during the pandemic.  The page is still widely used even now.  She works as a volunteer with the Morris County Interfaith Food Pantry. Shari lives in Montville with her husband Rick and their two dogs.   She looks forward to meeting you, along with her Seeing Eye pup Elsa, while campaigning.

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