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Robert E. Landrigan

2023 Candidate Information
Municipality: Madison Borough
Office: Borough Council

Candidate Bio

I have always believed that one must contribute to preserve something they value. This core belief is why I have been honored to serve on the Madison Borough Council and why I am asking residents to allow me to continue to serve. To sit by and hope things work out is not an option for me. In the 35+ years I have lived in Madison, I have devoted myself to giving back to the community and having a positive impact through volunteering and serving on Council. I appreciate living and serving in a town whose residents value and look out for one another, where fiscal prudence and careful budgeting has helped us weather the uncertainty of recent years, and where volunteerism is one of its greatest assets.

I have proudly served as a volunteer in many different ways over the years including serving as the Coordinator of the Madison Office of Emergency Management through Hurricane Irene, the October Snowstorm and Hurricane Sandy, I negotiated $2 million in reimbursements with FEMA and worked to get the Borough up and running after these storms. This was made possible through the support of the Mayor, Council, Borough Administration, Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments.

Having served, and continuing to serve, on the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps for the past 25+ years as an EMT, Captain, and President, as well as having served as an Auxiliary Police Officer, I understand the value Madison places in its volunteers. Madisonians appreciate the sacrifices volunteers make, and, no matter what part of the town we live in or the size of our home or apartment, we are all equally valued residents of this town. Having been the past president of the Madison Board of Health, I appreciate the way in which they helped safeguard the health of Madison residents during the recent pandemic. I am proud to be a continuing member of the Downtown Development Committee (DDC) and having taken part in maintaining Madison’s vibrant downtown.

As a three-term Councilmember, elected both as a Republican and as a Democrat, I value the views and opinions of all residents and recognize that we all want what is best for Madison and its future. I appreciate the diversity of Madison and the friendliness of our community of neighbors. We are all ready to lend a hand in time of need.

I continue to advocate for frugal and prudent spending and backed budgets that imposed minimal property tax increases on our residents. This has not been easy as recent years have seen increased costs at the same time that we’ve faced revenue challenges. As a Senior Real Estate Tax Analyst in a major New York tax appeal firm, I recognize the challenges in property values and taxes faced by homeowners, corporations and the Borough.

Madison does set itself apart in the services it provides to the residents and it’s important that we continue to offer a high level of service that leads to the enviable quality of life in Madison. Through careful budgeting, we have found ways to maintain and enhance our road, sewer, and utility infrastructures and to provide recreational and passive enhancements to the Borough’s open spaces including sport fields and parks.

A big part of our quality of life and important to protecting and preserving our environment is connected to the ongoing viability of Drew University. Its students and parents utilize Madison restaurants and services with students taking part in volunteer services. Of equal importance is the impact on Madison should Drew falter and some or all of its land go on the market for developers. We must continue to work to support Drew and preserve the Drew Forest by bringing all groups together and finding a plan to move forward.

John Forte and Melissa Honohan, my running mates for Council, and Mayor Bob Conley, share my same commitment to volunteering and giving back to Madison. We take our responsibilities seriously as we appreciate its rich history and commit to doing the hard work to protect the future of the town we love. I look forward to working with John and Bob on the campaign and hope to serve with them as a colleague on Council. I am optimistic that the residents of Madison will once again put their faith in me and re-elect me to serve on Council so I can continue to have a positive impact on this vibrant and special community.

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