Jonathan Sackett

2023 Candidate Information
County Office: Board of County Commissioners

Jonathan Sackett
Jonathan Sackett

About Jonathan Sackett

If elected commissioner, I will take seriously my role to serve constituents and the issues they care about like the affordable housing shortage, improving public transportation, small businesses and economic development, driving down costs for municipalities, and preserving our parks and open spaces.

My priorities include:

  • Small Business and Economic Development Through Partnerships and Incentives
  • Drive Down Costs for Municipalities Through Shared Service Coordination
  • Continued Investment in Preserving our Parks and Open Spaces
  • Increased Communication with Constituents on Available Services
  • Address Affordable Housing Shortage Through Municipality Assistance and Establish a Homeless Trust Fund
  • Fully-Funded Public Safety and Health Services
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

I look forward to laying out more of my vision over the next few months and hope to earn your support.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions at

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